"Meng Loft" is the official air quality mobile application of the Environment Agency - Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development.


The mobile application has been developed by 4sfera Innova’s team together with the Environment Agency.


Data protection
Meng Loft mobile app lets you receive notifications when the air quality deteriorates.
In order to do this, the Administration of environment needs to collect the technical identifier of your device. This identifier is stored within a database located at the Administration of environment. This identifier is considered as personal data. This personal data is inaccessible to all the agents of the administration as well as anybody else and will only be processed by computer programs.
The collection of this identifier requires your consent. The parameter menu allows you to provide, but also to withdraw your consent at any time.
Without this data, you will not be able to benefit from this new functionality.
Your collected personal data will be immediately deleted as soon as you choose to no longer receive notifications from Meng Loft.
Your data is only collected for the sole purpose of being able to send you notifications from Meng Loft. Your data will not be subject to any automatic transmission or decision.
You can send an email to dpo@aev.etat.lu for any question relating to the management of your personal data by Meng Loft.

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